1,500x Pinterested

1,500 items pinned on Pinterest. And with Pinterest finally publishing an API, I’d love to show those images on a slide show somewhere on my wall… Or backup all those image, for that matter.

The View From Up Here


There are a few things we’ll miss, once we move – like the way the view of the Dutch sky up here is different every single day.

Metro Shuffle

During the weekend of July 31 through August 2 2015, a newly constructed metro train station was moved in its entirety from one side of the The Hague Prins Berhard-viaduct to the other side, onto a set of pillars where it will be put into use during the summer of 2016. The station is called the Haags Startstation Erasmuslijn (HSE)

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London – June 2014

Google’s Four Seasons

I googled “Spring” because I was looked for something on the Java framework. The result inspired me to google the other four seasons as well and take a look at the four image results.


QR codes rock, strictly personal tablets don’t

Although I am aware of (and use) wonderful services like Read It Later, Springpad, Evernote and the ability to send myself links through various means such as mail, Twitter, Facebook updates or the old “typing what I read”, I find that shooting a QR code beats all of the above for ease of use and speed. Here’s the situation: I like to read ezines (web magazines, whatever you like to call them) on a tablet. In my case, I read them using Pulse on the Xoom. Sometimes I find something worth sharing, but here’s the problem: my wife and I share the tablet, so it’s not configured to use either of our social network logins.
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Virtualbox running PostgreSQL

If like to keep the PC I use for development as clean as possible, to reduce the odds of “other installed stuff” influencing whatever I’m writing. Whenever I need to install some kind of server-type software on it, I prefer to use small virtual machines to install them in. Like a sandbox running the server, which I can just start and access from the host machine whenever I need it. Another big advantage of this approach is that it allows me to just copy the entire virtual machine to another machine and run the server there, for example on a colleague’s machine. Below are some tips on getting the open source database server PostgreSQL running on a virtual machine, accessible from the host (or any other machine on your network).
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