Inkscape is the perfect tool to quickly create vector based images and natively saving them in the SVG file format, or exporting them in a variety of bitmap formats. Not quite as full-featured as professional applications like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Paint, it is perfect for simpler jobs and will fit the bill for most users looking to create nicely scalable graphics, logos and text art.

It has all the features a basic vector graphics editor needs and allows both quick drawing as very accurate work using pen tools and curve controls. It has proper support for pen tablets like the Wacom series and a very complete set of tools. With the recent addition of blurring and some new tools like object tweaking and sculpting, it is by far the best open and free product among its kind.

pro: free, open, easy to use, native SVG, full-featured, import of popular vector formats.

con: some advanced features may be hard to find for first-time users, lacks extensibility.

verdict: [rate 4.5]

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