Hancock (2008) – [rate 2]

When I initially saw the posters for Hancock, I thought nothing of it. Just another action flick to be ignored. But I let myself be trapped by reviewers who gave it more than the benefit of the doubt and awarded it decent marks. Frankly, I don’t really see why.

Sure, there are some nice special effects to be had. Will Smith is his usual charming self and Charlize Theron never looks bad on screen, it seems. Putting a bit of an alternative twist on superheroes is not a bad idea either, though Hancock certainly isn’t the first to do it and is effectively stealing the thunder of Watchmen, based on Alan Moore’s Watchmen comic.

I seriously start to lose interest when every other joke is a “head up someone’s ass” joke and once I’m forced to accept a story that makes no sense at all, with characters making decisions that just drop out of the sky for no reason, I’m done with the movie.

I can’t say there weren’t enjoyable moments in the movie. Some of the opening action scenes, with a drunken superhero swaggering through the sky, wrecking half the city in the process were genuinely funny. All of the movie looked good and seeing what they were given to work with, I wouldn’t even put the leading actors at fault.

There just wasn’t a lot of good about this movie, unless perhaps when you’re a young teen and just want to see stuff smashed to bits. In that case, perhaps you should consider the Incredible Hulk (2008) instead.

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