Good news bad news

The good news is that I keep running into interesting people to talk to. The bad news is that it leaves me precious little time to keep my blog up to date. For the curious: I’ve only three more days left in the US. Today I will be traveling to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to meet up with an online buddy. From there, tomorrow I will travel by way of Virginia Beach to Washington DC, my final stop. I’ll spend all Friday in DC, getting ready to get on my flight and at 21:40 Eastern Time I will be on my way back to London, Amsterdam and ultimately The Hague.

I’ve got some notes about stuff I want to write about, but it will have to wait until I get time off from traveling and get back to staring at my computer screen. Sorry for not getting any pictures up, but handling the pictures is even more time intensive than writing the blog, so there’s that. Also, the pictures are patient, but whatever I don’t write down, I’m likely to forget. So my priority was on writing in this space. Don’t worry, the pictures will appear here later on, once I get some time to put a decent set together.

Onwards to North Carolina then!

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