Wrapping it up, mission success

I’ve completed my trip across in the USA in three ways today. #1: I’ve met up with the final friend in the USA I wanted to visit; #2: I stood in the water of the Atlantic at Viriginia Beach, after starting out with my feet in the Pacific off the coast of San Diego; #3: I’ve reached Washington DC with the car I brought with me from Los Angeles. I’m going to give Washington a quick look and then I’ll be on my plane back to the Netherlands.

The Carolina’s and the parts of Virginia bordering them have a distinctly different feel to them from the rest of the south I’ve seen on this trip. It’s like travelling back in time and forward at the same time. The area seems more wealthy and as such a little more advanced, but at the same time all the buildings have more history to them. Whatever buildings there are to be found in most of the south that have a style that’s classic are generally no more than a century old. Over here, there is a lot of very basic architecture that’s well over a century old and some that date back to the early days of the US.

Culturally however, I find that the US is fairly homogenous on the surface. It’s still the same shops, brands, sports, newspapers and TV stations that determine everyday reality and you have to visit a good restaurant or a local museum to scratch the surface.

Washington will be the first city that I’ll visit in which I might actually visit an art gallery. It’s something I’d normally do a lot when I’m taking trips with Simone, but I haven’t on this trip since I was focussing on meeting people and taking in the current day-to-day culture. But I suppose my mission is complete and I get to relax a little now. My humble apologies for not getting you some pictures to look at before I return to the Netherlands, but I hope you take it for what it is: an indication that I was having to much fun and interesting encounters to get around to it.

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