The die has been cast!

Temperatures are climbing, the sun is showing more of itself every day, birds are laying their eggs and spring is in the air. Yes, it’s that time of year: time to lock ourselves indoors and watch the dancing shadows on the silver screen. It’s time to get creep-ed out, chilled to the bone, bewildered with enchantment and amused to tears. It’s Imagine, the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival!

After careful deliberation we’ve managed to plan a festival itinerary that will take us through 29 movies in under 9 days. Here’s what we’ll be seeing:

Friday 16

Saturday 17

Sunday 18

Tuesday 20

Wednesday 21

Thursday 22

Saturday 24

And the ones that didn’t make the cut due to RL restrictions, but could have:

I’ll keep ya’ll posted!

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Jaap van der Velde

I live and breathe software, love games and spent many a vacation touring Europe on my motorcycle. Currently diving, riding, hopefully flying and gaining perspective around Oz.

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