Room with a view

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After a mere week scouring the map, filling spreadsheets and performing inordinate amounts of math, we’re happy to report we’ve found ourselves a fully furnished home and signed a lease. We’re joining the international jet set on the 18th floor in the Botanica residences:

Unit 1808, 4 Edmondstone Street, South Brisbane QLD 4101

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We can only hope that, once the jet lag clears, we still think signing the lease was a good idea. But come 1 January 2016 we’re going to find out, because that’s when we’ll move in and we can start enjoying the view!

View from the balcony

View towards the city from the roof

Of course, we’ll still have to replace the bed with a larger one, move in a desk and sort some other stuff out, but it’s great to be able to have a home when work starts for Simone on January 4th and Jaap will doing interviews on the 5th.

(and yes, it’s got a decent internet connection on the National Broadband Network – since that was the primary search criterium ;-D)

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