2018 makes (0) – new machines

I’ve been all over Instagram in 2018, neglecting this blog. I think this blog will have a bit more staying power than random Insta posts, so I’ve gathered all my makes, in semi chronological order in a few blog posts. More for my future self than anyone else, mind you! It worked out to be 9 blog post, so I guess this was my 2018 make 9 :).


We start here with the changes in hardware in 2018 and the 2018 Christmas drinkies with the Spoolettes :).  Here’s the link to the photos.

Sewing machine troubles

2018-06-23: My trusty machine decided enough is enough earlier this week. At her age I think I have to respect her wishes. So after a week of research I’m shopping for a new companion today. Just spend 2 hours looking at Husqvarna, Brother and Bernina, next up is Janome. I have learned my Husqvarna 1200 had an exceptional collection of features and will be hard to replace!#YouOnlyMissThemWhenTheyAreGone
#SidewaySewing #AutoTension

2018-06-29: Topstiching like a boss on my new husqy. La Opal and I are getting to know each other. Let the weekend begin!

#NewMachineDay #HusqvarnaViking#Opal690Q #TheyCanFixMyOld1200Too#Yay

New machine, it’s a coverstitch!

2018-11-16: Not sure what I’m happier about: one last unexpected swim on the reef on Samoa Friday arvo or learning that my new coverstitch will be waiting for me at home tomorrow on Saturday morning!#AndTheHBtoo #GoodLife#WorkLifeBalance

2018-11-17: Out-of-the-box results, coverstitching in the round shoulder seams and all. No skipped stitch in sight, obviously I need to work on my sewing straight skills ?. Follow up test runs did have 1 or 2 skipped stitches, so I will join the ranks of those struggling with this. But first some more practice to get a feel for the effect of the different settings, and to minimize user error ?

2018-11-22: My first coverstitch hem! Sure, you can get all technical and call it my third one, but who’s counting. BTW, did you know it’s super easy to unpick a coverstitch ?

Definitely room for improvement, but I took the plunge and moved from scraps to garment. Bring it on! (the orange hem stitching is mine, the grey is the original from the upcycled shirt) #learningcurve#coverstitch #CycleQueensland

2018-11-25: T-shirt with coverstitched neckband and hems (!) put together in 1 morning. Roughly 75% of that time was spent attaching the neckband with the knit binder attachment ?

Some observations: ➕ cut binding strips along the grain (stretch lengthwise), anything else will fail ➕ every time you stop coverstitching, you get a skipped stitch ➕ it seems to be impossible to coverstitch a hem in one go without stopping, let alone a neckband ➕ not sure how to bring these last two points together ?

#sewherenow #coverstitch #knitbinder#learningcurve (Yes, I used new needles, checked the threading, flossed the discs, checked the needle settings and made test runs. The stitch quality is beautiful, except for the places where I stopped and continued, without as much as lifting the foot, just to reposition my hands.)

2018-12-01: Coverstitch project #2, a short sleeve Tee for the hb. Tension is better under control, but still some skipped stitches. Let’s see how they hold up in real life.

Had some fun coverstitching the neck and sleeve seams. Getting more comfortable with my new tool, but it feels there’s still a ways to go… For those paying attention: hb still only wears black, except when visiting a Buddhist temple. #holidaysewing

#sewherenow #learningcurve #coverstitch


2018-12-16: Christmas drinkies with the @brisbanespoolettes

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