2018 makes (1) – work outfit

My makes of 2018, spread out over 9 blog posts. This is blog 1, with photos.

Deltares work shirts, 2018 edition

2018-01-01: A new year, a new sewing project. Made a 2nd work shirt in my 2018 style, but added some flat piping to the neckline (left one). Used both of my machines this time, do everything is threaded up with royal blue. #Classy
That makes two down, so a few more to go!

2018-02-03: First attempt to transform left over collars and sleeves from my refashioned work shirts into something. Currently thinking pleated skirt. I don’t have enough material to make an entire skirt though. Maybe it would work with a straight /plain backside. Thoughts?

Upcycling dress to pencilskirt

2018-01-02: Shapeless dress (on me at least) turned into knee-length vixen pencilskirt. It works great with my work-polo-turned-classy-top. Now I’ll have to wear fancy shoes into the office ?

I reused the collar as waistband, with some elastic hidden within. Nipped the sides in a smidgen. That was all. Overlocker FTW.

Original dress donated by @mariandk42over a year ago *blush*. #waronwaste #slowfashion

Summer pants (wearable toile and the real deal)

2018-11-04: Summer pants! Planning on more, cause Summer ?. Will tweak the waistband a bit in the next one.

#highwater #sewherenow #prettyinsides#KnipmodeWithTweaks #Lowrise

2018-11-06: Played a serious game this morning with a enthusiastic group of Indonesian delegates. Had great fun, but also shared with them that my pocket lining was in fact an Indonesian print. At the end they gave me this beautiful bracelet made from local stones, so I guess my confession was appreciated ?. #imakemyownclothes #detailsmatter#prettyinsidesFTW

2018-11-18: Focused on some details and new techniques this weekend. Added a welt back pocket to my new pants yesterday and am working my way through concealed buttons and sleeve placard today. YouTube college FTW ? It’s fun to learn new things and take your time to find a nice way to do them. #alwayslearning#sewherenow #wearabletoile#myfirstbuttondown

2018-11-29: Happy work pants! @knipmode2018-09 pattern #16. This length combined with bare feet make me feel like Uma Thurman.

Modifications: ➕ swopped straight waistband with shaped #GingerMidrisewaistband, previously hacked to be a LowRise ➕ hidden button and hook for closure ➕ added welt pockets in the back.

#MorePockets #sewherenow #prettyinsides #twist

Deltares work shirts, 2019 edition

2018-12-16: There’s no such thing as too much coverstitching, right?

Making things up as I go along, hacking this Burda 08/2017 dress into a top, in knit instead of woven, omitting the lining, fabricating some neck facing, coverstitching all the seems.

I think it might need some tweaks (for starters get rid of those buste darts), but will happily test wear it tomorrow!

#workoutfit2019 #sewherenow #4moretogo #freshshirteveryday


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