2018 makes (2) – bicycle dress

My makes of 2018, spread out over 9 blog posts. This is blog 2, with photos.

Knipmode 06-2016 dress 11, aka bicycle dress

2018-01-06: Pretty happy with the fit of this toile. Made so many changes to this 2016-06 @knipmode dress that it almost feels like my own design. The pleats in the back happened when I made changes to fit the shape of my lower back. I like them!

Already modified the pattern pieces, so ready to start version 2!

2018-01-07: It’s a good thing @corriedekleermaeker got me plenty of this push bike fabric when she visited. This is a fabric hungry pattern, especially if you can’t cheat with upside down pattern pieces. @knipmode 2016-06 dress 11, version 2: the real deal.

2018-01-09: May the cutting begin!
The balcony table matches beautifully with the dining table, so I’ve got me a temporarily kick-ass-sized cutting table ?

2018-01-13: My interpretation of @knipmode2016-06 dress 11, in a jersey knit from #JanSikkes gifted by @corriedekleermaeker featuring plenty of bicycles ??‍♀️?‍♀️ First made quite some changes to the fit in a wearable muslin first and now remade it in this slightly heavier jersey.

Finished it with a rolled hem, because I wanted to preserve the length and also just because I can now that I have my-first-overlocker. The hem curls outward a bit too much, so probably should have used the differential feet better. Not entirely happy with the arm scythes, which might turn out a bit too tight for the Brisbane climate. Also not certain about the pockets, adding bulk to the hips and tend to stay open. But then again, you got to have pockets!

Sometimes you finish a perfectly fine dress without jumping for joy, not sure why in this case. Guess I’ll need to take her on a test run and see how she goes.

BTW, the big ass cutting table made up of the dining room table together with the balcony table worked swimmingly. Thank the engineers for standardised sizing.

2013-01-13: What a difference 2 cm make in the armpit. Changed my dress from uncomfortable to just what I planned for!

2018-03-31: Last weekend I made another Burdastyle dress, since my push bike version has proven to be a favorite. This time I used a heavier knit, getting towards scuba in a beautiful bordeaux. I’m happy with the look and feel of it in this dress.


2018-02-10: Believe it or not, but making a petticoat has been on my wish list for many a year. Today I made it so!

Photos are: without, with and only a petticoat. Does it have the right amount of fullness you think?

I made this with tulle cut offs from @reversegarbageqld and got plenty left for a full length petticoat, or another short one with more layers ?. Having an overlocker definitely made the job a lot easier and faster ?. It’s more a winter accessory though, tulle works nicely as insulation… ?

Pleated skirt

2018-03-31: Yesterday I finally picked up this lovely print from Voodoo Rabbit to turn it into a pleated skirt, making it up as I went along. No cutting, apart from the pocket, but quite a bit of unpicking as I stumbled through the process. Now I can finally put my petty coat to use!

Also, the skirt is nice combo with this t-shirt from Plotz in the Netherlands featuring cutting scissors ?. #SewHereNow

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