2018 makes (3) – WIP

My makes of 2018, spread out over 9 blog posts. This is blog 3, with photos.

Silk flower panel, slip dress

2018-01-21: Finished the slip dress, based on last years Frocktails dress pattern. So the next step is to muster up the courage to start sewing up this lovely silk panel from @tessutifabrics. On my recently acquired and definitely not yet mastered overlocker. Yah… I’m sensing some delays coming up #help

2018-01-21: Yeah for a toile with fabric from the stash (gifted by @corriedekleermaeker). This is what I had in mind: baggy overdress to preserve the flower print, with fitted slip dress to preserve the feeling-like-myself-ness :). I think I’ll wear this very wearable toile to my next meet up with spoolettes to get some feedback IRL.
Thanks @alimmay for reminding me of the power of the toile!

2018-02-03: Added some extra draping and hip swirl at the advice of the ever lovely BrisbaneSpoolettes. I’ll need to adjust the hem of the slip dress to match.

Also opened the side seam of one side of the top, to complete the twenties vibe. Neckline remains a challenge, especially with this asymmetric drape, which throws the weight distribution off balance. I might have to get a hook of sorts to attach the shoulders to the slip dress.

Flouncy coat, WIP

2018-08-18: Look what I found today, @mariandk42 Apart from the length, it’s giving me the same vibe. I’m thinking view B, with the collar of C, adding a (self drafted) detachable cape instead of a faux fur (say what!?) collar. Whatsyathink?

Greenhouse fabric, from napkin to outfit

2018-11-23: Got this beautiful fabric from @matuscki a while ago and finally settled on what to do with. Will need to get creative, since it’s all serviettes and placemats ?. Fortunately, two of the larger pieces match up nicely. Some reinforcement will be necessary, since the seam is only a few mm wide at places ?

#upcycling #soundofmusic#wearabletableware #sewherenow#matchymatchy

2018-12-05: I’m still making summer pants out of these napkins, but I had enough to make a new summer top as well. Don’t plan on wearing them together, but you never know ?

#BeThePlant #WearTheNapkins #sewherenow

2018-12-07: Crop top! @nookienu can be proud of me ?. Nicely roomy and airy, so perfect summer wear. Might let out the hem a itsy-bitsy though ?. Thanks @matuscki for gifting me this beautiful #Greenhousefabric ?

This baby has a deceivingly tricky neckband construction. Should be easier a second time around. Not completely happy with the dart points in the back,but they may start to behave after a bit of wear.

#BeThePlant #WearTheNapkins#sewherenow

2018-12-08: I let out the hem 2cm (original length on the left) and took in the side seams to alter the fit a bit. Feels more comfortably like me now! But still a properly cropped top ?

Pattern is from @burda_style magazine 2016/06 top 107. Neck construction is interesting and makes for pretty insides ?. Also comes in dress length.

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