2018 makes (4) – swimmers

My makes of 2018, spread out over 9 blog posts. This is blog 4, with photos.

Swimmers and matching rashie

2018-01-27: Finally made an improved bikini top, after I’ve gone through the entire process in my mind like 4 times. I love the fit of the #MarilynBikini by @wardrobebyme01, but the instructions seem to be designed to maximise the visible stitching, instead of making use of the lining to hide it.

My version now has a minimum amount of zigzag stitching and halfway through I discovered a beautiful wavy zigzag on my trusty sewing machine. #winning#swimming #sewherenow

2018-02-03: I promised @corriedekleermaekersome action shots from last week’s bikini and rashie. Since we didn’t make it to Straddie, we had to improvise a bit. Rainy and cold, just like a good summer’s day in NL, right?
Apologies for the overkill, I did add the classic teapot pose just for kicks.

2018-02-25: Added thumb cuffs and a pocket, and tightened the fit at the arms and sides. It’s hard to see in the photos (left is before), but it went from slouchy active wear to tight rashie.

Only problem is I did most of the sewing on my sewing machine instead of the overlocker (to be able to modify the fit), so I fear some seams will break with use. #WearableToile #TemporarilyAtLeast
2018-03-18: My active wear make works really well as a cycling shirt as well ? #MyFirstAttemptAtMTB
2018-11-12: Me-made rashie and swimmers in action on Samoa ?? #underwaterismorefun

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