2018 makes (5) – Flaxlight cardi

My makes of 2018, spread out over 9 blog posts. This is blog 5, with photos.

Flaxlight cardigan (knitting)

2018-02-22:  2.5 hours of flight left and no more yarn! #TheAgony #Miscalculation#IBlameMyNewSmoothNeedles

Also, I’m back in town!

2018-02-24: Sleeves! Travelling definitely helps my knitting along, a lot of progress for 13 days!

2018-06-28: Finished my #flaxlight cardi again, now with a longer body. Added some darts in the sides to shape the back a bit. Not sure if I just really like fitted clothes, or that I didn’t follow the pattern closely enough. Closure with two mini eye-and-hooks in the center front. I like the minimalistic look, but wonder if they will hold up in wear… I declare this cardi ready for a test drive ?I’ll probably be making some changes shortly though ?

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