2018 makes (7) – for Jaap

My makes of 2018, spread out over 9 blog posts. This is blog 7, with photos.

Jaap’s T-shirts

2018-05-19: The washed, labelled and planned out mountain of merino that is my sewing for the next couple of for ever.

Sewing for the hb in any color as long as it’s black. I might sneak in some color in the overlocker looper threads, but probably won’t. #CustomerIsAlwaysRight

2018-05-20: It took me the whole Sunday, but now I’ve got a self drafted perfectly ordinary long sleeve t-shirt pattern for the hb. There must be more efficient ways to accomplish something so basic… Did learn a lot about how sleeves work along the way, so I still count it as a win. #SewHereNow

Not happy yet with how the sleeves look on the back. It’s a fully symmetrical pattern, both for the body as the sleeve, so it might need some tweaking still. Also, I’ll leave the neckline finish for another day. #MistakeWaitingToahappen

2018-08-20: Hubbie fully dressed in me-mades ? (ie t-shirt and jeans). Made the T-shirt over the weekend. Simple design, still a lot of work to get it -just- right. Strategic label placement for non-itchy flash-ability ?

Angela Kane Selvedge Jeans for Jaap

2018-07-01: Only 2 more steps to finish this pair of jeans! Unfortunately, one of those steps involves a trip to the shop for a jeans button ?. #BlackJeans #AngelaKane#SelvedgeJeans #AlreadyHemmed

2018-07-04: Achievement unlocked, I’ve made jeans for the hubbie! Such a difference in state of mind when sewing for someone else…. Buttonhole took 3 attempts, I’ll def be grading my waistband seams more next time. Went all pro though, with chisel and fray check, following the excellent online how-to by @closetcase.patterns

Angry cat label and rainbow over West End as bonus pics.

#SelvedgeJeans pattern by @angelakanetv
#ISewOtherPeoplesClothes #sewherenow

Jeans for Jaap, part 2

2018-08-04: The hb asked for seconds! So here is my fourth pair of jeans, by now I’m really starting to have fun with the details. I’ve got my top stitch settings down to a par. Buttonhole in 1 go, thanks to proper trimming of the seam allowance. Added a little detail on the back pockets, to match the high placement. And I’ve got just enough fabric left over for no. 3 ?

Must say I really like to follow the #GingerLowrise instructions by @closetcase.patterns, even though this is a @angelakanetv pattern. Especially the steps for topstiching the zipper area make more sense to me.
#sewherenow But I still finished this pair within a week ?

Jeans for Jaap, part 3

2018-10-28: Let’s talk topstitching the waistband of jeans, which gives me some serious headaches. Skipped stitches, but also the needles seems to penetrate the thread at unpredictable moments, damaging the thread.
I get somewhat better results when sewing with the foot inside the band (photo 1) and sewing tricky bits by hand turning the wheel, and the others parts really slowly with the peddle. The extra belt loops serve as ideal hump jumpers (2), since they’re the exact same extra width as, you’ve guessed it, the belt loops ?. The settings I use with my Husqvarna 1200: tension 11.5, stitch length 3.5 and speed reduced to 1. Hang on for dear life to the topstitch thread tail for the first few stitches. I use the stitch-in-the-ditch foot (sewing complet left) for the 1st row. Clear foot aligned with the edge (sewing in the centre) for the 2nd row. (photos 3-5)
#pfff #sewherenow #settings #topstitching

2018-11-28: In other news, apparently I can sew up a pair of jeans in 1 weekend now.

No 3 of #AngelaKane for the hb.

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