2018 makes (8) – souvenirs

My makes of 2018, spread out over 9 blog posts. This is blog 8, with photos.

Tonga and Samoa tops

2018-07-12: Hyve mind, what do you reckon: color coordinate the loops with the neck band (bottom), or mix things up (top)? Swipe right to see the dress it will become.

2018-07-14: I’ve been sewing up a storm these past 2 weeks getting my pacific island work outfits in order. The climate (relentlessly hot) and mozzies (loving me) require long sleeves and loose fit, so not my usual cup of tea. Had fun with some details like pointy insets (aiaiai), piping (first time!) and lots of loops and spaghetti straps (which I had to do twice, cause first time I’ve put it in inside out). All on my new machine ?. One more week before I fly, so I might make one more. Full disclosure, last time I brought back 6 pieces of fabrics and I’ve saved the best for last…. #sewherenow#Samoa #Tonga

2018-07-15: Top no. 4 turned into a complete outfit, using proper Samoan fabric with typical geometric print ?. Resulting silhouette is surprisingly close to the real deal. Not sure if I can pull this off, being a blimey foreigner.
Top is a Burda pattern with added yoke and piping. Piping on the shoulder seam was a very bad idea, but now at least I know I can sew by hand as well (badly). Skirt is the remainder of the 1m wide fabric added to the waistband of my banana skirt, adding darts as you go. Big split in the back seam to allow for things like walking.

#SewHereNow #Samoa

2018-07-29: Made it back from Samoa, despite the vulcanic ash cloud coming from Vanuatu. This time I got some fabric printed by @pacificjewell, so before washing I’m giving it some extra sun power for the print to set. Print is a bit art deco with a strong Samoan twist, color is a gorgeous turquoise/petrol on light brown linen. Got some border print as well, for the matching skirt. #Excited

Sulawesi batik fabric and shirts

2018-08-17: Home sweet home, with some new batik preciousness. (played with the WB in detail photos to better match the actual color). Any suggestions what to make with them? I’m thinking cullotes and button shirt with mandarin collar.
Bought the black one at the airport, the rest direct from the locals. Airport was more expensive, but better value for money in every aspect (quality of print, fabric itself, overall straightness and sharpness of colors). I’m all in favour of supporting the local market, but… #Sulawesi #Bunaken #Batik

2018-11-18: Focused on some details and new techniques this weekend. Added a welt back pocket to my new pants yesterday and am working my way through concealed buttons and sleeve placard today. YouTube college FTW ? It’s fun to learn new things and take your time to find a nice way to do them. #alwayslearning#sewherenow #wearabletoile#myfirstbuttondown

2018-11-21: Geeking out on my first button up shirt with all the bells and whistles: ✔️ stealth breast pocket, ✔️ sleeve cuff placket, ✔️ concealed button placket, and ✔️flat felled seams all the way (except 1 French seam, which I know regret). Completely stitched on my sewing machine, including the buttons!

Bought the fabric in Sulawesi, plan to wear the shirt in Sri Lanka #batik #holidayshirt

#sewherenow #flatfelledseamsalltheway#stealthpocket #nopocketsnomake

2018-12-05: Finished another holiday shirt yesterday, made of a really nice, thin and hopefully breezy cotton. I made some alterations this time (2nd photo is from the first batik make). ➕ I increased the curvature of the collar, so that it lies flat nicely, and rounded the edge to make it friendlier. It’s still pulling a little on my left shoulder, so have to have a think on how to solve that. ➕ Added some darts on the front when the shirt was already finished. ➕ Left out the breastpocket, cause I didn’t think it will be functional on such a light cotton. Might change both again, who knows!

#batik #sulawesi #holidaysewing#sewherenow #sewhereyesterday#sewherelastweek

2018-12-10: Pattern matching fun on Sunday. Quite pleased with the result on the CB seam, but the front is all over the place. I think I forgot to take the button placket into account, and apparently also lined up different rows of patterns, and not very accurately to boot. Or something.

However, it’s so far off the mark, it almost looks intentional, so I’m going with that story instead ?

#sewherenow #holidayshirt

2018-12-12:  All this baby needs is some buttons and buttonholes, and the she’s ready to go-a-holidaying! I see a trip to lincraft in my near future.. #holidaysewing #batik

2018-12-13: Buttons! And Christmas lights!

Dutch fabrics (still to be sewn up)

2018-10-21: After a trip to Europe I’ve got my autumn on ?

Saltbox tees for mama

2018-10-11: deal cutting table with room for simultaneous pattern tracing, great lighting and bonus mum. The only downside I see is that it’s located in the Netherlands ?. #sewherenow #WhereverHereIs #work-cation #saltboxtee #SelflessSewing#nocuttingmat #useallthepins

2018-10-19: appy mum in new top, made by me on her machine ?

@corriedekleermaeker #SewThereThen#SewHereNow #SaltBoxTee

Deltares work shirts, 2019 edition

2018-12-16: There’s no such thing as too much coverstitching, right?

Making things up as I go along, hacking this Burda 08/2017 dress into a top, in knit instead of woven, omitting the lining, fabricating some neck facing, coverstitching all the seems.

I think it might need some tweaks (for starters get rid of those buste darts), but will happily test wear it tomorrow!

#workoutfit2019 #sewherenow#4moretogo #freshshirteveryday

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