2018 makes (9) – purr purse

My makes of 2018, spread out over 9 blog posts. This is the last blog, with photos.

Purr Purse, revisited

2018-10-25: Let’s see if I can recreate this purse from the minute notes (and illustrations!) I took last time… #SewHereNow

2018-10-31: Remake of my own purse in progres. I’ve made some changes along the way, which I’m gonna call improvements, because I’M THE MASTER OF MY OWN WORDS!

#sewherenow #succesisachoice #orsomething

2018-10-31: Reenactment of purse is finished! With a black cat, because today is Halloween ?? #NotReally#SoftCatPatchToStrokeGently
Happy with the color combo. I’ve had the lining in my stash for this exact purpose since for ever. Black is a remnant of the hb jeans. Zipper wise I’m less happy. I won’t be using open-ended zippers again for a purse. And perhaps the choice for chunky zippers was also a bad one. But it’s done, achievement unlocked, troubles overcome. Time to use it in public ?

#sewherenow #sewallthethings

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