Since you reached this page and apparently found the link to it, I will assume you also noticed that the banner logo of my site consists entirely of individual characters. Creating an image using ASCII characters as the smallest components is a form of artistic expression generally referred to as ASCII art.

Although even ‘artistic expression’ may give the image more credit than it deserves. The ASCII art was created using a fine piece of open source software called Ascgen dotNET (ascgen2) by Jonathan Mathews. Unlike many online ASCII art generators that will convert some text you enter into large font ASCII art equivalents, this application allows you to turn any image you have present into ASCII art.

Perhaps software like this spells the end of ASCII as an art form, but if you want to relive the old days and need a shot of nostalgia, you may want to check out Christopher Johnson’s ASCII art collection.

2 thoughts on “ASCII art”

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