Daily grind

At the end of the first week of work, I’m still trying to decide on the daily routine. The early bird here definitely catches the cooler wurm, it’s just hard to break old habits.

Spent the weekend doing a fat lot of nothing, reading my new book (http://www.welcometonightvale.com/) on the roof and making my first poached egg since chemistry class. Jaap has been more productive, working on our shoe storage solution.

Next step is to get a workout routine into the mix. My bike is still in transit and in any case I won’t be using it like I did in NL. I guess it’s the gym for me. It’s right there on the roof. Just get up and go. You can jump in the pool afterwards to cool down and enjoy the city view. Why are you still sitting on your lazy ass?


Meeting the neighbors

Nothing like a fire alarm to get to know your neighbors. 10 year old Jasper was quite excited about the whole event, but his 12 year old sister Kayla couldn’t be bothered much. We needed to calm our nerves afterwards with a T&T. Cheers!

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New year, new home

We’ve moved into our own place on New Years Day.  This might seem like a small feat for a furnished apartment after our last move of our entire house in only one day. However, that was with the help of friends and after a long and thorough preparation. Here in Brizzy, it was just the two of us, still unaccustomed to the local temperatures (and a bit intoxicated by the two glasses of champagne for breakfast to celebrate first the Dutch and then the Portugese New Year).

Furnished or not, the place needed some adjustment to suit our needs. The second bedroom had to make room for a work- (and play-)room. Fortunately, there’s a completely useless second bathroom (who wants to clean two?), which nicely holds the second bed. And yes, we did make (several) IKEA run(s). So we’re happy to announce we once more invited Ivar to our home, this time in good company with some new friends Markus, Tornlinden and Nilserik and the trusted Molger in the bedroom. And as a finishing touch, we once again have The Kiss by Klimt above the television.

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The force down under

Full house at Cinemaplex on South Bank this Sunday afternoon (opening weekend) for a viewing of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens (3D). Good fun, however they keep the cinemas cooler than Hoth, so next time we’ll bring a Tauntaun and a light saber!

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Thanks Katherine and Joao :).

The emu has landed

Take 24 hours, ignore them thoroughly, and all of a sudden you find yourself down under. Easy peasy! Apparently, we flew via Singapore, since we have the pictures of the Koy Pond to prove it.

All kidding aside, our travels today and yesterday were reasonable comfortable and blissfully uneventful. We’ve arrived at our temporary location and will start looking for our own place first thing tomorrow morning. But first, we sleep.

Singapore Airport - Koy pond
Singapore Airport – Koy pond

Some originals, because..

And then I also made some originals tops with the same two patterns. Because Sunday. And also, because the fabric stash won’t come with to Brizzy, but completed tops might!

Cap sleeved top, blue Boat / portrait neck, butterflies