Gaming brings people together

Turns out you can play a game of Pathfinder with 3 party membersĀ in one room and the DM and the other party member in a room 16,200 kilometres away (or 12,750 if you just go straight through the whole thing).

You’ll need a bunch of hardware on either end and decent network connections, but with two laptops and a PC on one end and two laptops on the other end you can make it work. Running Inkscape for the map, Teamviewer for the connection and Skype for the social interaction, it all works surprisingly well.

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The first time we tried it, but certainly not the last. Black Skeletons and Champion Skeletal Archers beware!

Old and wrong, but not forgotten

My girlfriend doesn’t like any computer games. Any computer games? Well, there’s one she does like and in fact went to the trouble of installing herself: the 11th Hour. Yes it’s old^H^H^Ha classic. But playing it together – which I have to admit is an altogether different experience on a widescreen TV with a decent stereo and a fast computer – we ran into something I missed on the first time through. Continue reading Old and wrong, but not forgotten

3.5 > 4.0?

This last May saw the release of a new edition of the popular pen-and-paper roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. Since version 3.0 was released in 2000 and the more properly fleshed-out 3.5 saw the light in 2003, you might argue it was about time for an update. But where a fairly straight line could be drawn from the earlier versions of the game to the 3.5 edition as created by Wizards of the Coast, this new 4th edition seems to turn its back on a lot of tradition and is taking the game in a new direction. Continue reading 3.5 > 4.0?

SiN Episodes: Emergence

You can love or hate episodic content, but you’ll have to give it this: at least you save a few bucks if you buy something you shouldn’t have. SiN: Emergence as currently available on Steam, packaged with SiN 1 and SiN 1 Multiplayer, falls snugly into that category. Never mind that $5 should be good value for money for any playable FPS created in Valve’s source engine. Continue reading SiN Episodes: Emergence