What is up with widescreens?

I’m in the market for a new laptop and have been trying to find something that fits my preferences. It turns out that finding something that really does is going to be very hard because of a single reason: nearly all laptops currently being produced have a widescreen display. What is up with these widescreens? Continue reading What is up with widescreens?


Hancock (2008) – [rate 2]

When I initially saw the posters for Hancock, I thought nothing of it. Just another action flick to be ignored. But I let myself be trapped by reviewers who gave it more than the benefit of the doubt and awarded it decent marks. Frankly, I don’t really see why. Continue reading Hancock

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight (2008) – [rate 5]

I’ve commented before on the effect of a story being told as a comic before becoming a movie. In the Dark Knight (and starting in Batman Begins (2005)) Christopher Nolan takes Batman in an entirely new direction, if you only take the previous movies as a reference. But if you like the relatively new series of Batman comics, Legends of the Dark Knight, you’ll see that Nolan is merely taking cinematic Batman on the same road as his paper counterpart. Continue reading The Dark Knight

Add RSS to a phpBB3 forum

I just added a phpBB3 mod which adds RSS feeds to a phpBB3 forum to the forums on this page. Like most phpBB3 mods, it’s a bit of a chore to install. More so since currently there is no easyMod for phpBB3, so everything has to be done manually. But if you follow the instructions in the install.xml to the letter, everything should be fine. Continue reading Add RSS to a phpBB3 forum

3.5 > 4.0?

This last May saw the release of a new edition of the popular pen-and-paper roleplaying game, Dungeons & Dragons. Since version 3.0 was released in 2000 and the more properly fleshed-out 3.5 saw the light in 2003, you might argue it was about time for an update. But where a fairly straight line could be drawn from the earlier versions of the game to the 3.5 edition as created by Wizards of the Coast, this new 4th edition seems to turn its back on a lot of tradition and is taking the game in a new direction. Continue reading 3.5 > 4.0?

Leonard Cohen at the Westerpark, Amsterdam

Marking another checkbox on my list of “pop legends to see before they buy the farm”, I watched Leonard Cohen perform some of his best material at the Westerpark in Amsterdam, yesterday 12 July 2008. The performance was better than expected, with a lot of life, passion and humour still left in this singer/songwriting geezer. Continue reading Leonard Cohen at the Westerpark, Amsterdam

SiN Episodes: Emergence

You can love or hate episodic content, but you’ll have to give it this: at least you save a few bucks if you buy something you shouldn’t have. SiN: Emergence as currently available on Steam, packaged with SiN 1 and SiN 1 Multiplayer, falls snugly into that category. Never mind that $5 should be good value for money for any playable FPS created in Valve’s source engine. Continue reading SiN Episodes: Emergence