Note to EVE Online players, I recommend you use EVE Launcher instead of ShiftWindow, it has been tailored specifically to your needs.

I wrote ShiftWindow when I got annoyed at the otherwise excellent EVE Online. It crashed most out of the times I tried switching tasks, using alt+tab. The first version of ShiftWindow could do little more that find the EVE window and then move and resize it.

The game worked perfectly in windowed mode, but most players like the look of the game in full screen view better. So I figured all that had to be done, was resize the window so that the client area of the window could fill the entire screen.

(EVE players, also check out my Timers, which is excellent for use with EVE skill planning and mining)

ShiftWindow 1.02

 Download the installer for ShiftWindow 1.02

Over time, it has been downloaded a few hundred times and I felt guilty. The original ShiftWindow wasn't exactly what you call high quality software and still there were many people using it, telling me how great it all was. The least I could do is try a little harder and actually make it great.

A screenshot: download the screenshot (though you really should use it to see what it does ... sorry)

Current version

The current version of shiftWindow has these features:

Setup for EVE users

3 Easy steps:

You're done, though you could go fancy and set a hotkey, or configure ShiftWindow to resize EVE automatically within a number of seconds from now on.

Note: Some people have asked how to change the "default" set of rules opened by ShiftWindow. If you have a favourite set of rules you'd like ShiftWindow to load when starting, just create a shortcut to the .swr file instead of the program. The installer links this filetype to ShiftWindow during installation.

Coming soon

ShiftWindow is working ok and the worst bugs have been killed, but isn't quite there yet. Here is a list of the things I still want to add:

Overall I think getting the current version is more than worthwhile if you already used ShiftWindow. If you have any remarks or want to see some other features added, please let me know. (my mailadres is so blatantly simple that I don't think I need the spam increase for telling you here, just take a good look at the URL)

Cheers, JAAP aka Grismar.