Rolling down Route 66

While driving around, I mostly listen to public radio and local radio. It’s interesting to see how little attention foreign news gets. Sofar, I’ve only heard some tidbits about Georgia and the Olympics and even then mostly to report on what the US government was doing in the matter or what the US athletes managed to achieve. I’ve actually looked for radio or TV reporting on outside events, but it seems that the American (or at least the Californian) with an interest abroad needs to rely on news papers and even then, you have to pick the right ones. Continue reading Rolling down Route 66

Shopping craze

San Diego seems to have it all. It’s close to the beaches and its position on the coast keeps it relatively cool. The shopping in the downtown area beats many European cities with the main difference being that shops are larger on average, but manage to offer a far broader selection as a result. The downside ofcourse, is that even in a concentrated shopping area like downtown San Diego, you still really want a car to get around to get things done. It’s not as bad as LA, that could never exist without cars as a primary need for everyone, but it’s still noticeable. Continue reading Shopping craze

California Living

In Britain, a ‘continental breakfast’ makes sense, when compared to a ‘real’ breakfast as it is served in a proper British restaurant: eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes and all the fat and sugar your stomach can take on an early day. A continental breakfast only amounts to some juice, cereal, toast, maybe an egg and some coffee and tea there. Over here, in these inns, a ‘continental breakfast’ turns out to be coffee and donuts. Don’t get me wrong, I like coffee and donuts and I was in the mood for them, but to call it breakfast? Not really. Still I prefer it to ‘breakfast burrito’s’ or ‘egg mcmuffins’ which is what the street has to offers. The sight of people working their way into a nice hamburger at 9:30am is enough to take your appetite away until lunch at least. Continue reading California Living

Online in the USA

Sorry for taking this long to get online folks. But I’m on the ground in the US and moving eastwards, so read on.

The best laid plans and airports… what can I say? After the recent tragedy in Spain, the last thing you want to hear before take-off is that technicians are looking into an engine problem that is preventing take-off. Which is exactly what happenend on Heathrow and which delayed my flight by well over two hours. Apparently they fixed it properly though, since we made it to LAX without a hitch and five hours later I was standing on the pavement of the LA airport.

Continue reading Online in the USA