Put your thongs on: barbie time


Before we head off to Brisbane, we’d like one last chance to say goodbye to everyone back here in the Netherlands. If you’d like to join us for this, you’re welcome at our place on the 12th of December 2015, any time of day after 14:00 – please let us know by mail that you’re coming (and whether you expect to be here around dinner time). If you need directions, check grismar.net/route.

We prefer you don’t bring gifts, since we won’t be able to bring them with us to Australia anyway. Instead, it would be appreciated if you bring something you’d like to be drinking and relieve us of left over drinks and stuff we’re throwing out otherwise when you go. If you borrowed our stuff, this would be an excellent time to return it – or to remind us to do so conversely.

We’d also like to ask everyone who has a Skype-account, to (re)connect with us on Skype. Jaap can be reached at grismar.net (Jaap van der Velde) and Simone at SimoneDeKleermaeker (Simone De Kleermaeker). Also, please let us know your current phone number, more so when you don’t have or use Skype.

We plan to leave the Netherlands on December 16, leaving our home in the care of a housing company that will take care of new tenants. We don’t know our final address in Brisbane yet, but we’ll publish it here. We’ll also post semi-regularly to our blog brisbane.grismar.net, but we’ll let you know about that on social media (Facebook, Google+).


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