New year, new home

We’ve moved into our own place on New Years Day.  This might seem like a small feat for a furnished apartment after our last move of our entire house in only one day. However, that was with the help of friends and after a long and thorough preparation. Here in Brizzy, it was just the two of us, still unaccustomed to the local temperatures (and a bit intoxicated by the two glasses of champagne for breakfast to celebrate first the Dutch and then the Portugese New Year).

Furnished or not, the place needed some adjustment to suit our needs. The second bedroom had to make room for a work- (and play-)room. Fortunately, there’s a completely useless second bathroom (who wants to clean two?), which nicely holds the second bed. And yes, we did make (several) IKEA run(s). So we’re happy to announce we once more invited Ivar to our home, this time in good company with some new friends Markus, Tornlinden and Nilserik and the trusted Molger in the bedroom. And as a finishing touch, we once again have The Kiss by Klimt above the television.

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