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Out with the old, in with the new. I’ve finished the 2019 edition of my work shirt and I’m super happy with it. It’s not easy to find a fun pattern, that’s suitable for work, can be made out of a polo shirt (fricking center front button placard!) and has room for the company logo.

Top is the new line (hack from dress 120 Burda 8/2017). Left is the semi-wearable toile, before some major improvements (lengthen by 8 cm, reduce bust shaping). Middle 2 are sewn on sewing machine, finished with a double needle on the coverstitch. Right 2 are sewn on the overlocker, finished with a chain-stitch. I batch-sewed these, which worked well since I had to swap cones between the overlocker and coverstitch a lot, which is worth it for 2 shirts. I feel doing 3 in a batch might have been a bit too much for me! Last version is def the best, and as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside (swipe for pica).

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The old editions are from left to right: 2018 with a boat neck, 2017 with a waterfall neckline and 2016 which was just a fitted polo. Every edition has its place, and I enjoy seeing the progression over time. This year is the first time I used a pattern. Previous years I’ve been inspired by RTW neckline features, and made it work.

I’ve included a photo with me in the new shirt. Bonus: I think I’ve salvaged enough collars to make a cheerleader skirt! Just need to figure out what fabric to use in between. Also, I’m due for a change of color on my machines and sew something else than work shirts!

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